Service contract with KH&NP

Service contract with KH&NP for certification of project EU-APR

Subject of the Contract: Support KH&NP at EUR certification standard nuclear project EU-APR 1400 (Service Contract signed on December 2, 2015); contract is divided into WP1 and WP2:

  • WP1 - detailed pre-review and proposal of modification of the KH&NP’s self-assessment of the EU-APR standard nuclear design against all requirements of pre-selected 9 EUR chapters (realization WP1: 02/12/2015 – 07/11/2016)
  • WP2 – support for responses of KH&NP to EUR organization questions related to the pre-selected 9 EUR chapters (realization WP1: 01/04/2016 – 29/04/2017)


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