In accordance with provisions of § 89 of the Act no. 127/2005 on electronic communication of the Collection of Laws of the Czech republic, we hereby inform you that our web-sites (servers) use cookies.


What are the cookie files and what are they used for?

These are short text files that a website sends into a browser. That way, it enables the web to record information about your visit. When you visit the web again, the browser sends stored cookies back to the server which thus retrieves all the information about you it has stored during your last visit. Almost each website in the world uses cookies.

The cookies thus enable to store specific information on previous visit of a user. It allows prefilling of the form data or direct selection of your preferred language and other settings. Web browsing and using of its functions is thus simpler, more productive and user friendlier. The cookies make web browsing much easier, they adjust the web to your needs and improve user friendliness of the websites. The cookies facilitate personalization. They also enable targeting of the advertising displayed on the web.

The cookies occupy almost no space on your hard drive and are not used for retrieval of any sensitive personal data or for identification of you as a particular person.


Types of the cookie files

The cookie files are temporary and permanent. The temporary files are stored on your computer only during viewing of a website. After browser window is closed, these temporary files are deleted. Permanent cookie files are stored in your computer for a longer time. They help us to identify on next visit of the web, to adjust the site to your interests etc. They do not enable determination of your identity in any way.


Cookie file management

First of all, we would like to inform you that common internet browsers usually enable management of the cookies. You can thus delete, block or restrict use of cookies in the settings of your browser, either for specific websites or in general. You can find more detailed information in your browser’s help.

If your browser is enabled to use cookies, we assume that you agree with use of cookies by us. If you do not agree with their use, please change your browser’s settings.


What are the purposes we use the cookie files for?

  • Storing of personal settings.
    • Recalling information from your last visits is used especially for personalization of the website during your visit.
  • Security
    • The cookie files are used, among others, for verification of users, prevention of unwanted and fraudulent use of this website, protection of user data against unauthorized access etc.
  • Storing of registration information.
    • In case that you are registered user, your login and logout information is stored as cookies.
  • Advertising and marketing purposes, i.e. for:
    • advertisement targeting,
    • remarketing
      • simply said, remarketing is an automatic selection of displayed advertisement according to what is relevant for users,
    • acquiring performance reports of advertising campaigns,
    • improving performance reports of these campaigns.
    • selection of advertisement to be displayed on the web for you,
    • use of remarketing data,
    • personalization of contents and advertisements.
  • Ensuring the website functions.


Although the cookies are used for remarketing, they do not allow us to determine your identity in any way and do not transfer any data to us that could possibly identify you.

Remarketing enables us to display targeted advertisement to you by means of advertising systems while you browse the internet. Our advertisements are displayed at various servers via third party suppliers (companies such as Google, Inc. and SEZNAM.CZ, a. s.). These use cookies for display of advertisement based on previous visits of a user at a given web.

You can cancel use of cookies for advertising Google, Inc., besides already mentioned options, here:

Cancellation can be done also here:!/.


Google analytics

The website uses service of Google, Inc. This service uses cookies. The information on using the website including cookies will be provided to the Google company which stores it at its servers in the United States of America. Google uses this information for the website use evaluation, for creation of reports on website activities for website operators (i.e. for us) and for providing other services related to website activities and internet use for providers (operators) of these websites. We use the evaluation outputs for marketing and statistic purposes.

You can find below how the Google company uses this data:

ou can disable submission of the data. To do that, you need plug-in by the Google company which can be downloaded here:

In case you do not disable submission of data, we assume that you agree with this procedure.

This data is not used for any sort of identification of yourself as a particular person.


Google AdWords

You can find below how the Google company uses this data:


Sklik and retargeting

Our website may use retargeting technologies of the Sklik service operated by the, a.s. company. This service allows us to show our entries within the SEZNAM.CZ, a.s. company’s advertising network to the visitors who already expressed interest in our products.

You can find more information on this service here:


Other advertising systems

Some cookies are also created by external advertising systems. With their help, they detect how many users viewed specific advertisement and how many times. Cookies of other operators´ advertising systems that are placed on our website can be thus stored at our computer via these websites as well. They may comprise especially the advertising systems by Google, Inc. or SEZNAM.CZ, a. s. (Sklik) (see above).The advertising systems have their own rules of personal data protection and you can get familiar with them at the above listed links.

This website uses cookies to provide services, personalize ads, and analysis of visitor. By using this site you agree.