Owners Engineering Services for Can II Coal Fired Power Plant located in Canakkale region, Turkey

Contractual services:

OE services consists of several engineering tasks including assistance to the Client with relocation of 330 MW coal fired power plant Voitsberg III from Austria to Turkey. Voitsberg III power plant was in service between 1982 a 2006, then stopped and preserved for the following years. During the period between years 2014 and 2015 the power plant equipment was dismantled and relocated to new site in Turkey, where the power plant will be reassembled together with newly designed technological packages / units such as coal handling, ash and slag handling, water treatment and cooling. Most of the high voltage and I&C design and equipment will be new.


The main goal of OE services for this project is to coordinate engineering works done by other contractors/companies and to modify Voitsberg III power plant design to new specific conditions in Çanakkale region. Those conditions are mainly necessity to operate with different fuel - low calorific high sulphur coal, completely different cooling system utilizing fan cooling towers operating during high summer temperatures and last but not least design adaptation to high seismic conditions in the new area.


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