Merger of ŠKODA PRAHA Invest s.r.o. with ŠKODA PRAHA a.s.

ŠKODA PRAHA Invest was being merged with its sister company ŠKODA PRAHA effective from January 1st, 2019 as ŠKODA PRAHA is ŠKODA PRAHA Invest`s full legal successor, overtaking all rights and obligations.


By merging companies ŠKODA PRAHA a.s. and ŠKODA PRAHA Invest s.r.o. there has been a significant strengthening of our competencies and capabilities. Significant growth has occurred especially in our engineering and project-management capacities. By this fusion with our sister company, we have also gained her experience as well as references. This has greatly increased our company's ability to demonstrate experience from already successfully implemented projects.


ŠKODA PRAHA a.s. can offer to their customer much wider and stronger portfolio of experts and experienced  specialists in the infrastructure investment projects.


We strongly believe that the services of ŠKODA PRAHA a.s. provided in a wide range of supply, engineering and consulting solutions  and  simultaneously optimized for different supply forms according to your ideas, will be the only guarantee that will enable you to reach even the most ambitious plans and targets in the energy field.

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