Construction of Photovoltaic Power Plants in Poland started

On 15th of November 2022, ŠKODA PRAHA a.s. in cooperation with the leading Polish supplier of photovoltaic power plants, the company ELQ S.A., started the construction of the first two photovoltaic power plants Laziska 1 and Laziska 2, each with an output of 1 MWp. These are the first two projects out of ten on the Polish market, which ŠKODA PRAHA a.s. will complete by the end of the first quarter of 2023. The total output of all ten photovoltaic power plants will reach 10 MWp.


On the Laziska 1 and Laziska 2 projects, located approximately 100 km northwest of Warsaw, geodetic works are currently underway for the purpose of accurately surveying the boundaries of the land and the internal objects of the power plant, especially the placement of individual rows of supporting structures according to the pilot plan. At the same time, the construction of fencing is underway and the driving of prestressed concrete columns, which will form the basis of the supporting structures for the assembly of the PV panels themselves, has begun. Deliveries of almost 3,500 PV panels will then take place at the end of November 2022. Completion of the assembly of both photovoltaic power plants, their connection to the distribution network and handing over to the customer is planned by the end of March 2023. The construction of the remaining eight photovoltaic power plants will then start in the following weeks based on a gradual issuance of amendments to the building permit for individual projects separately.


We believe that the successful completion of all ten projects will give the opportunity for our company to participate in other important photovoltaic power plant projects, not only in Poland but also on the local market in the Czech Republic.





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