ŠKODA PRAHA is a partner of Astana EXPO 2017 (Czech Republic pavilion). The exhibit of our company is the application SKODA PRAHA 3D POWER PLANT.


The “SKODA PRAHA 3D POWER PLANT” application makes it possible to view various types of power plants in a 3D reality and, via demonstrative 3D models, explore their most significant technological equipment, including its design, basic principles, parameters and multimedia accessories. The application is intended primarily for secondary school students, but curious pupils from grades 6-9 of primary schools can also find interesting information there and the content is attractive for the broad public as well.


The technology of coal-fired power plants is presented on a model of a modern New Source of the Ledvice Power Plant. In the introductory section of each source you can familiarise yourselves with the layout of the entire power plant, by selecting highlighted objects you get deeper and deeper via equipment complexes up to individual pieces of equipment that comprise key nodes in the technological connection of the power plant. This information level contains a detailed 3D model of selected equipment and a multitude of supplementary information. In addition to a design aspect and visualisation of the functionality of equipment, it includes information concerning theoretical bases, particular installation of equipment, galleries and interviews with operating staff or an opportunity to try solving practical tasks and interactive problems.


About the application



English, Russian and Chinese



Application can be downloaded for free to portable devices (both for iOS and Android, smartphones and tablets) via App Store, Google Play. Search for “SKODA PRAHA 3D POWER PLANT” or name of the app developer “SIMOPT”.



On-line version here





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