Design Engineer

ŠKODA PRAHA offers engineering services in most engineering disciplines needed in power energy field, which provides in different project stages starting from conceptual solution up to as built documentation. These services tailored to client’s requirements include both general conceptual solutions in all complexity as well as very detailed specialized engineering documents.


  • Conceptual design and coordination
    o Conceptual design of both process and civil parts of overall plant or part of it
    o Division of work and battery limit determination
    o Technical specification of process systems, equipment, buildings and structures
    o Coordination of documentation of single suppliers and professions during design execution
    o Elaboration of coordinated documentation to ensure smooth cooperation of single suppliers and    professions
    o Elaboration of documentation for building permit
    o Execution plan including site facilities design
    o Design supervision on site during construction and commissioning
  • Mechanical, plant design and process
    o General layout
    o 3D model, composite drawings (PDMS)
    o Heat and mass balances (Thermoflow)
    o Overall plant system description
    o Process systems complex design and system description
    o Flow diagrams and P&ID’s
    o Terminal point list elaboration
    o Stress analyses calculations (Caesar)
    o Hydraulic calculations (Flowmaster)
    o Piping system detail design including isometric drawings and support details
    o Equipment, Line and Valve lists elaboration
    o Painting system specification
  • Electrical
    o Conceptual design of power outlet and auxiliary consumption
    o Basic design and technical specification of electrical equipment
    o Load balance calculation
    o Short circuit calculation (Neplan)
    o Selectivity calculation (Neplan)
    o Concept of electrical protection system
    o Design of cables and cable trays
    o Electrical load list elaboration
  • Instrumentation and Control (I&C)
    o Concept of plant control system
    o Basic design and technical specification of I&C equipment
    o Open and closed loop logic description
    o MMI design (screens of control system)
    o Design of cables and cable trays
    o Instrument list, I/O list, Instrument index elaboration
  • Civil
    o Complex design of building and structures including building services
    o Static and dynamic calculation of structures
    o Bill of quantities
    o Road structure design
    o Water structure design
    o Architectural studies and design including color appearance solution
    o Interior design
    o Fire protection design
    o Urban planning
    o 3D visualization and animation of building and structures (3Ds Max)
  • Piping system testing and cleaning procedures
    o Pressure test design
    o Chemical cleaning design
    o Steam blow design
  • Commissioning and training
    o Commissioning program
    o Reliability test program
    o Performance test design and evaluation
    o Comprehensive operating manual
    o Personnel training





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